Mission & Quality



R.K Industries is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by creating pro-active relationships with all existing and potential customers. Developing trained personnel along with adequate resource in all respects. Being open to new and innovative methods of manufacturing. And the outcome of these commitments will lead to a policy of continual improvement of processes, controls and product conformity.



R K Industries targets that the components manufactured are of Superior quality. To achieve this, Company has Complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015. Company believes in Pursuing non-conformance prevention rather than non-conformance detection by the extensive use of Advanced Product Quality Planning for new product introduction.

A quality control system is exist right across the company, through all the processes, whether it may be for manufacturing, sourced raw material, in process or for customer complaint handling procedure, quality plays a paramount role.

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Ranjan Kumar

A B.Tech

Rahul Singh

A Mechnical Engineer

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IT Engineer